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When one thinks of home security, appearance takes a back seat in favour of functionality, as we look to technology to provide protection against unauthorised access, yet there are ways one can beef up security while adding a touch of elegance at the same time. Modern security window screens and security doors are manufactured with aesthetics in mind, with non-corrosive anodised aluminium framing and marine quality stainless steel mesh, adding a new dimension to the property’s exterior.

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Range of Opening Styles

You might prefer the traditional side opening or sliding units, and with bi-folding screens, any style of window can be accommodated. The units are all made to measure to fit the existing windows perfectly, and with an impressive list of colours and finishes, you can add some contrast to the property.

Insect Screens

The added advantage to security screens is they double up as insect screens in the summer, and with the normal windows open, you can ventilate the home without being invaded by flies and other insects. The mesh is very fine and you have a high level of visibility, and with a durable opening mechanism, you can easily open or close the screen as the evening draws in.

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Security Doors

Your doors are the obvious entry point for any intruder, and you should always insist on double locking mechanisms when installing new units. As the doors are made to measure, you can choose between a side opening or sliding unit, and you have a wide selection of toughened safety glass, which comes in many finishes, and if you would prefer a half glass panel with a solid inset at the bottom, with bespoke solutions, it really is up to you.

Security Door Screens

Even though the door would be double glazed with toughened glass, you would also have a fine mesh screen to add an extra layer of security, and with matching windows, it will add a certain something to the outside appearance. Stainless steel is extremely durable, and more that a match for the harsh Australian climate, as it is non-corrosive, and without spoiling the look, you have adequate security that blends in well.


The Design Stage

Typically, a company that supplies and installs windows and doors would make the units in their factory, and as each unit is made specifically for the opening, you have many design possibilities. An established company would have their own in-house design team who would work with the client to establish their needs, and once the design and colour is agreed, a qualified surveyor would take precise measurements, and would also confirm the opening designs and colour choices before the units would be made in the factory.

Installation is very straightforward, as each unit has been tailored to fit, and with an installation team who know their stuff, the finished job will exceed your expectations. If you would like to know more about stylish security screens and doors, an online search will lead you to a reputable supplier and you can begin to examine your design options.

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