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Feasibility Study and Consultation


Filip Mihailidi



Choosing an architect isn’t easy. You need the right architect who has the specific skill for your project.

Just as Doctors performs physical examinations, Mechanics, multipoint inspection or IT computer inspection before prescribing the solution, we perform a Feasibility Study.

Rather than go straight to concept drawings my suggestion is we conduct a Feasibility Study

A Feasibility Study will allow you to understand the requirements, project constraints, timeline, obstacles and options for your project, taking the risk of faulty design decisions out of the project.

It will also allow us time to get to know each other better and the best way to find out whether we are the right “fit” before committing to contract for design services.

The benefit of the Feasibility Study is to reduce the risks before we start spending some serious money.

Decisions made in the beginning of your project have great impact on the options you have available later.

Doing a lot of research in the early stage of the project can save you a lot of money in the long run.


The first step in your corporate project is booking Feasibility Study and Consultation with Filip Mihailidi. To go ahead with confidence to the next stage with a predictable outcome, on time and on budget, it is essential that you receive the following:

Registered architect advice on the project feasibility. Filip Mihailidi is a leading expert in the area.
Planning and site: opportunities, limitations, legal requirements – detailing zoning, land use, setbacks, and other project constrains.
Outline Brief: I will organize with you – detailing all relevant spaces and functional requirements for your project – rooms, sizes, etc.
Potential solutions and planning viability of your project ideas, and the ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme.
Areas required and construction costing of the potential scheme against budget.
Consultation in the convenience of your office is included in the price.
Site visit and site analysis is included in the price (worth $420).
All travel expense within metro areas is included in the price.
Feasibility Study Report: including the above is obligation free.
Accurate design price: You can use this report for the design phase from us or any other architect to tailor the scope of work exactly to your requirements
Fee proposal and schedule for design services so you can progress with confidence to the next stage.

The cost is only $1400 plus GSTcompared with thousands of dollars for the design package.
Prior to consultation you will receive a project questionnaire, free informative guides and Feasibility Study Review video.

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