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Just as natural or mechanical ventilation, it is now possible natural air filtration coupled with mechanical systems by the means of vertical hydroponic green wall containing a range of plants chosen specifically as a living air filter.

Tiny microbes on the roots of plants feed on contaminants and VOCs and break them down into harmless compounds. Indoor air is actively drawn through the green wall of plants, activating biological processes to break down pollutants into water and carbon dioxide. Clean, cool air is then distributed throughout the space by the mechanical ventilation system.

Besides removing common indoor contaminants and improving the quality of the air bio filter also creates an improved work environment with green plantings and the associated lighting. An improved workplace allows for people to be happier, more relaxed, and stay “tuned in” longer.

This is affordable investment and brings a lot of energy savings and presentation into corporate space as well as showroom environment in car dealerships.


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